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 " Birthing is life's single most transformational process, and it is my honor and privilege to guide you through this process. "

Danette Siegel
DONA trained Birth Doula, Certified Body Ready Method Pro®

Energetically Align with the Birth You Desire
My Mission

I am an intuitive, wholistic birth doula determined to rewrite the story of birth and help you empower yourself to transform your birth through a whole mind, body and spirit approach. I specialize in physiological birth and preparing you mentally and physically to facilitate achieving as unmedicated of birth as possible. I also aim to help you energetically align with the birth you desire. I will prepare you for many of the twists and turns birth holds and help you to remain in the driver seat of your birth. I offer body preparation sessions based in the Body Ready Method®, coaching calls, tons of birth education, resources and much more!

I am a certified Body Ready Method pro® and believe you can stack the cards in your favor to achieve the birth you desire and to set yourself up for a smoother recovery. I am an expert in pelvic mechanics and understand what to do during each stage of the birthing process to encourage birth progress. I work with birthing people who want a professional by their side that can suggest positions and perform hands-on techniques to create balance and space in the birthing body to support the physiological process of birth.

I serve Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, and Norfolk Counties of Massachusetts along with Southern New Hampshire from Concord to the seacoast. 

My Story

I am a Midwest girl transplanted to Massachusetts in 2007. Helping birthing people with all things birth related has been an extreme passion of mine since the birth of my first daughter in 2017. Prior to her birth I was on a fast track career path in engineering. The moment I had my daughter, my focus shifted. 

When I am not consuming birth related materials, you can find me in the kitchen cooking, on my meditation cushion, or grounding myself outside in nature. I love going to the beach with my kids and being near water. I love to travel and immersing myself in other cultures. I would love to travel more someday but for now my vacations usually involve visiting out of state family in Pennsylvania and St. Louis, Missouri.

Before I even became pregnant, I began researching birth. I prepared for birth like you would a marathon. I took natural birth classes, practiced hypnobirthing, took Spinning Babies classes, I engaged lactation consultants, read all the statistics, explored my birth options and hired a birth doula. 

Little did I know, not only was I preparing myself for birth, but I was building my knowledge and resources for all the pregnant people I would one day help take this beautiful journey into parenthood.

My 2 pregnancy losses and 2 live births have transformed me at my core and taught me what I am made of and who I am. It brought me to the edge of what I thought was possible and then past that. What an empowering feeling it was to birth in an environment with people who trusted me to know what I needed and who allowed me to direct my birth process. A mother was born. 

Throughout my birthing experiences, I learned first hand the value of having a doula on my birth team. Her unwavering presence, strength and knowledge guided me through the birthing process. Her passion and love for birth lit a spark in me. I saw myself  in her and the stage was set for me to go into birth work.

I had my second daughter, in the water, February 2020, right before the world shut down. Despite my preparation for postpartum, I suffered the throws of post partum depression and anxiety. The isolation only made it worse. With the help of professionals and loved ones I was able to heal and recover. 

As I emerged from the post-partum dungeon, I embarked on an intense soul searching and healing expedition. From it, came the realization and acceptance of my soul's mission, to usher birthing people through their journey into parenthood and to help bring souls earth side. Birthing is life's single most transformational process, and it is my honor and privilege to guide you through this process. Specifically, I help you learn to trust yourself, listen to your body and follow your own inner guidance system. My job is to help you take back control of the birthing process and have the best birthing experience possible. You have the power to change the way you birth by changing the way you view birth and yourself. 

Besides my own pregnancies and births, my birth work experience has included supporting birthing people through pregnancy, birth and postpartum. These pregnancies include singleton and multiples. I have completed my DONA certification requirements and I am a certified Body Ready Method pro®. I will never stop learning and will be continuously expanding my education. Stay tuned for updates.

See my full list of services here:
Services | A Mother Is Born (

Experience & Training:

• DONA trained Birth Doula

  • Certified Body Ready Method Pro®

  • Childbirth Educator

  • Perinatal Coach

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