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Calling All Entrepreneurs! 
Business Consultant & Energy Healer

Laura Dillon, Found & CEO

Who Does Laura Help?​

Laura coaches & guides people that are feeling called to do something more in alignment with their passion and their soul's purpose.   


She helps them to clear & to heal their limiting beliefs and old stories that are preventing them from stepping into and sharing their gifts & passions.  

  • Are you feeling called to follow a different path that is more aligned to your passion & purpose?

  • Are you ready to approach your business from a heart centered place & get your business aligned with why you are doing this work?


  • Do you have an existing business and are feeling stuck or blocked in how to move forward with it? 

  • Are you ready to commit and invest the time & resources into yourself & your business?  Are you ready to make a change by doing something different than you did yesterday?

Laura is currently offering the following Programs:


Book a 20 minute inquiry session to learn more about the program and how to work with Laura.


Laura uses a combination of various tools & modalities which may include:  Business Coaching based on 20+ years in accounting & finance operations with experience in high level roles at Converse & Nike Inc, Intuitive Guidance based on her clairvoyant abilities, Shamanic & Ancestral Healing, Sound Healing & Emotion Code.  

Check out Laura's recent podcasts where she talks about her journey from Corporate Accounting/Finance into Holistic Health.


Email to find out more.

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