A community for

holistic healing

Our center provides on-site & remote wellness services, alongside classes, seminars, and education centered around living a balanced & holistic lifestyle.

We teach people about the power of our innate healing abilities when given the right tools and circumstances for our bodies and spirits to thrive. 

We educate our clients and our community on balancing the four bodies: the mental, the emotional, the physical & the spiritual.  We have practitioners & Partners that focus on each of these areas.  We work wih the elements of Mother Nature using herbalism & nutrition and offer massage therapy, yoga and qi gong for the physical body. 

 We offer sound healing & energy practices for the emotional & spiritual bodies.  For the mental body we offer hypnotherapy, coaching & NLP.    


We teach and guide our clients using techniques to help them feel grounded, renewed and alive.  Many of these modalities & practices have around for thousands of years and this center is about bringing them back into the light so our clients & our community can learn these ways of living that have been long since been forgotten.  ​​

We are excited to embark on this journey with you

and to let the healing, freedom, & renewal begin.

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Meet our team of wellness professionals

Laura Dillon, Founder & CEO

Laura Dillon

Founder & President

Shamanic Energy Healer & Holistic Health Coach


Nicole Anastas Higgins

Lic. Massage Therapist & Yoga Intructor RYT-500

Mylene Hendrick, Heart-Centered Mentor, Guide, and Trusted Advisor

Mylene (Mye) P. Hendrick

Heart-Centered Mentor, Guide, Trusted Advisor, Transpersonal Coach & Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCht)

Angela #2 2.19.jpg

Angela Sokolova

Psychosomatic Healer,
Holistic Creativity Coach &
Qi Gong Instructor

kylee 2.JPG

Kylee Foote

Transpersonal Certified Herbalist & Mentor