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A Mother Is Born - Wholistic Birth Support

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A Mother Is Born is a wholistic approach to birth.  I aim to rewrite the story of birth and help you empower yourself to transform your birth through a whole mind, body and spirit approach. I specialize in physiological birth and preparing you mentally and physically to facilitate achieving as unmedicated of birth as possible. I also aim to help you energetically align with the birth you desire. 

One on One Prenatal Sessions 


Each session is customized to your unique prenatal needs 
   Sessions can include:
-    Comprehensive birth education overview
-    Mental preparation for birth
-    Fear/anxiety clearing exercises (EFT/tapping, journaling etc) 
-    Birthing desires document creation
-    Labor coping/management techniques
-    Baby feeding preparation
-    Postpartum preparation
-    Sleep guidance (How to get sleep after the baby comes)

One on One Body Prep Sessions


Based on the Body Ready Method®, each body prep session will be tailored to your body's unique needs and will be focused on specific tools you can use to physically prepare for labor, delivery and post-partum recovery. These exercises will help stack the cards in your favor for a more functional pregnancy, more efficient birth and smoother post-partum recovery. As we know, birth is unpredictable, and also, you can help set yourself up for success.

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