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 " I believe we all have a natural ability to heal when we slow down and allow time and space to care for ourselves.."

Geralyn Vasile
Licensed Massage Therapist, Cranial Sacral & IET Practitioner & Reflexologist

The Connection Between the Body, Energy & Healing
Feeling Peaceful & Stronger to Care For Yourself

I believe in the connection between the body, energy and healing. I have been interested in ways to bring these pieces together in my work and have developed practices over the years to offer them in each one of my sessions. I believe we all have a natural ability to heal when we slow down and allow time and space to care for ourselves.

My intention is that you find my sessions peaceful, and you feel stronger in your ability to care for yourself. I am guided by what you need, and a session may include a combination of massage therapy, reflexology, and energy work. All my work complements the body’s natural healing processes and allows healing in a way that is most authentic for you.

I offer massage therapy to calm the nervous system and ease muscle tension, cupping to reach deeper into tissues to release particularly tight constrictions, and reflexology to reach all body systems by following the map on the bottom of your feet. And I offer Oncology massage therapy for people with cancer or in recovery to ease tension, anxiety and depression.

My energy work is gentle, and calming and consists of light touch. Reiki focuses on moving energy more freely through the pathways of the body.  Integrated Energy Therapy focuses on releasing blocked energy that limits our ability to heal. And Craniosacral therapy works to gently relieve tension in the head, neck and spine.

The body, mind and spirit are always trying to find balance and calm and I hope my work helps you along the way.

Experience & Training:

• Licensed Massage Therapist

  • Reflexologist

  • Integrative Energy Practitioner

  • Certified Cranial Sacral Practitioner

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