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If you are new to holistic healing, here are some common questions that people ask about the services we provide. If you have additional questions, please email us at 


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What is energy healing?

The energy healing that we practice at Holistic Life Community is based on the meridian pathways from traditional Chinese medicine, the chakra systems from Japanese Reiki and Shamanism from South America. We use techniques to understand how energy is flowing through your body and how blockages or distortions can impact you physically and emotionally. If energy is blocked, that can affect our lives. 


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What happens during an energy healing session?

During an energy healing session, we identify emotions subtly and intuitively that may be impacting the client. We make the client comfortable (adults typically lie down and children typically will sit upright) and we will target and focus on a specific area, either physical or emotional, and release the trapped emotion. This is a contactless service and we offer these sessions both in-person and remotely. 


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What can energy healing help with?


Energy healing works to clear energy that may be causing us physical or emotional pain. At Holistic Life Community, we specialize in depression, anxiety, phobias, self-worth issues, weight loss, traumas, and grief. This energy can manifest in our physical bodies and cause physical aliments if these emotions are not processed. 


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What do I need to do before and after an energy clearing session?


We suggest drinking water before and after a session.

After an energy clearing session, some clients have reported feeling lighter and more relaxed immediately. Some have reported feeling tired for 24-48 hours. Others feel the energy that was cleared. For example, if a lot of frustration is cleared during a session, you may feel more frustrated after as a result for the next couple of days, which is normal. 

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