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Our Services

Emotional, Energy & Shamanic Sessions

Laura Dillon, Found & CEO

An emotional clearing session focuses on the mind-body connection. Often times physical issues can manifest from unresolved emotional blockages.

How it works: 

We use techniques based on Traditional Chinese Medicine that identify trapped emotions/energies that can get lodged in the body.  Energy can get trapped when a person experiences a traumatic emotional or physical event in their life and that energy can get stuck.  Trapped emotions block energy flow and can have physical and emotional impacts on the body.  

What to expect:

During a session we will work on the issue that you are struggling with, whether physical, emotional, or both. Together we will work on moving and clearing the energy that is causing the imbalance. We use a combination of techniques to help shift the energy including: The Emotion Code,  Shamanic Energy Healing,  Reiki & Sound Healing with tuning forks.    


Package options available for energy healing sessions.


Coming Into Vibrational Alignment with Your Authentic Self Coaching & Self Healing Program

Laura Dillon, Found & CEO

Learn about this 6, 9 or 12 month Healing and Coaching Program that can be conducted In Person or remotely

  • Are you overly sensitive? Are you an empath? Do you take on

everyone else’s problems as your own?

  • Is it hard for you to let go?

  • Have you started on your healing journey, but you are feeling


  • Do you struggle with chronic health or weight issues?

  • Are you ready to commit to invest the time & resources into

yourself and make a change by doing something different than
you did yesterday?

All programs include 3 sessions a month

  • 2 healing sessions 

  • 1 coaching session to learn how to clear and balance your own energy

In this Vibrational Alignment Authenticity Program, we will dig into the root cause of many of your issues and blocks. I will teach you ways to shift and clear your energy so that you feel centered, calm and aligned with your authentic self.


Each session is 60 minutes and can be conducted either in person or via zoom, We will together as a team and I will guide you to release these heavy burdens and blocks that you have been carrying around and that are preventing you from vibrationally aligning with your authentic self. This program will allow you to step into your full power and be aligned with your authentic self.

Email to find out more.

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