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Save $144

🩷 Learning to Love Yourself 🩷

Join us for this, 2 Day Event, where you will be supported to uncover the parts of you that you have kept hidden.

The areas that need nurturing & compassion, that have been buried until now. Limiting ideas & beliefs that you have acquired throughout life and some that you inherited from your parents & ancestors.

We will help you unravel the self-judgment & fear and to learn new ways to start embracing, loving and accepting yourself.

Learn from holistic instructors on unique ways to foster self-love & compassion.

The 2 days will include a

🩷 Healthy Organic Lunch Included on Sat & Sun

🩷 Laura Dillon, Owner, Business Coach & Energy Healer

🩷 Brenna Brochado, Mindfulness, Breathwork & Holistic Health Practitioner

🩷 Amy Mills, Shiatsu Practitioner, AOBTA-CP

Sat, Jul 20 (10:00 AM -4:00 PM)
Sun, Jul 21 (9:30 AM -3:00 PM)




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