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Answering the Call

Updated: Jul 2, 2023

Do you have something inside you that has always been there? A calling, a purpose that you need to follow? A small flickering flame that never goes out, no matter how hard life gets?

Finding My Purpose

Life can be hard when you are following all of the rules. That’s because the rules are usually not yours. They are your family’s or societies’ rules. Going to the right college, working at the right job, all because it looks good on paper and in your bank account. But what happens when even after all of that you still feel incomplete and empty?

My name is Laura Dillon, I am a Holistic Health Coach & Energy Healer, and it took me 43 years to finally answer my calling. To step out of the safety and stability that I had spent my whole life creating and to now step into the uncertainty of the unknown. A new world of instability, insecurity and fear to try something new to ignite my soul. I decided to start a business that aligned with my purpose and my soul’s calling.

It was not easy to take steps forward in the right direction using my heart to lead me; without having everything figured out. This truly was one of the scariest things I have ever done. I became openly vulnerable because that was more comfortable than staying in the status quo. Things had to be that bad, that the fear of financial instability and uncertainty were less scary than the feeling of being stuck and unhappy by staying in my current role.

It was a powerful, courageous and unprecedented step for me.

A Year To Breathe

I took a year off to breathe. To find out who I truly was. To figure out what I wanted to do. All of my deepest and darkest fears started to appear in those moments of authentic vulnerability and openness. They began to rise because they were now ready to be dealt with. I was no longer on the hamster wheel that kept me so busy that I did not have to deal with my emotions and fears. I now had to time to be alone. To start dealing with a lifetime of suppressed emotions and limiting beliefs.

I look back now, and it was like I was living in a box...and I thought that is how life was supposed to be. I didn’t know that I was living in a box, but I was. And after I left, one of the sides of the box dropped down. And I saw all of these things, situations, people, etc. from such different perspectives. I now saw the ability to do things that I did not even know were possible.

And then another side came down. I remember thinking….how could I have never known that these possibilities or perspectives existed? It was like I had been living in a world that was only shades of gray and all of a sudden I could see color. In the beginning I did not see color all of the time, but I would have glimpses and moments that I could see color. Where I would reach a blissful state and I would see an unlimited world of possibilities.

During that year, I started re-discovering who I really was. What made me happy? What made me sad? What made me feel good? What drained me? What caused me to be frustrated or angry? I started to pay attention to the situations and people that uplifted me, believed in me and made me a better person. I learned how to set boundaries with people or situations that drained me and brought me down. I started to grow. I let go of anger, resentment and frustration and the belief that life was just happening to me. I started to realize how much power I had to create my own reality. To create a life that brought me joy and peace and that allowed me to be with my family.

I worked on letting go of the fear, insecurities and limiting beliefs that held me back, so that I could confidently and courageously become the person I wanted to be. I started to make decisions aligned with my authentic self and it felt really good. Things started to shift. I was no longer afraid to be seen for who I truly was.


Three Requirements

When I left my job I had 3 requirements that I was not budging on. The next thing I was going to do had to have the following:

  1. It needed to be something that I was passionate about.

  2. It needed to make a difference in the world

  3. It needed to provide me with a work life balance so I could be present for my kids. I needed to have the ability to drop them off and pick them up from school. I had never been a stay at home Mom. That was new for me. To this day I still get so excited to take them to school.

And so I used these three rules as my roadmap to fulfill my purpose. I have started a practice called Holistic Life Community. The foundation of Holistic Life Community and my mission behind it, is to build a resource & community of holistic professionals that are dedicated and passionate in helping, educating & guiding people on their journey to find health, balance and joy in life again.

I leave you with this. Anything is possible. Absolutely anything and I truly believe that. Anything that you do and want to change, takes time, hard work, dedication and commitment. I am still rewriting my story but I can truly say that I am a different person today than I was four years ago.

These four years have changed my life, but I will not "sugar coat" it and say that it has been easy. Letting go of a lifetime of the limitations and old stories that held me back, takes time and patience. It is possible to let them go but it takes courage, perseverance and the ability to continue to get up and move forward even after you've fallen. It requires rewiring your circuitry and rewriting your story.

In this journey of finding my “Authentic Self”, that for me started by focusing on my career, I became a better parent, spouse, daughter, etc. When we start making our decisions based on our truth it impacts all relationships and areas of our lives. All of our decisions are connected.

I work with clients to help them let go of their baggage so they can live as their “Authentic Self”. My program enables my clients to start liking & loving themselves again and to align with the person that they have always believed that they could and wanted to be. I work with my clients to help them let go and release the limitations and insecurities that are preventing them from feeling whole and complete.

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In a world that is designed to keep us operating at a low vibration and In that box it takes real courage to listen to our hearts and minds and step out of that box! Thank you for making this a better place!

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