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 "To find my own authentic path I had to leave what was familiar.  It was not an easy journey for me, but it was needed for my growth and evolution.."

Michele Moscone
Energetic Healing Practitioner

Helping Women connect with their inner wisdom, and find their true authentic self.

I have been a registered nurse for 48 years, and offering various energetic healing modalities for the past 25 years.  The first half of my career was spent as a Medical ICU nurse.  The second half involved inpatient psychiatric care, with a focus on trauma and recovery.  I recently retired from my traditional nursing role, and am now focusing on private healing sessions.  

In March of 1995 I had to leave my ICU nursing job because I had developed chemical sensitivities to the environment.  I was working at a well-known Boston hospital in a detached and scientific way.  I was not aware I was out of balance with Spirit and this was a significant turning point for me.  


The MICU had a 60% mortality rate, and the patients were primarily adult respiratory with multi system failure.  Tracheotomy tubes, ventilators, and AIDS patient’s before it was diagnosed. I was on the front line and dealing with death and dying every day.  Due to the stress of this job, and not processing what was going on with me, my body shut down.

I took leave on Industrial Accident status and left the toxic environment.  In doing so, I turned a crisis into an opportunity.  I learned the way out of a crisis is to go through it.  I learned another way of healing from teachers who learned from a different model. 

I experienced a life-death-rebirth and transformational process of healing.  In doing so I rediscovered my spirit. 



During this time I discovered the myth of Pluto and Persephone.  Pluto ruled the underworld, the realm of darkness and dread – the world of the dead.  Persephone was a young innocent maiden who was abducted by Pluto to be his Queen, the Queen of the underworld.  She learned how to balance the darkness with the light, reclaimed herself, and became her own Queen.  To find my own authentic path I had to leave what was familiar.  It was not an easy journey for me, but it was needed for my growth and evolution.  

I have facilitated various women’s groups for healing and transformation over the past 25 years.  I taught yoga to adult inpatient psychiatric patients for 2 years.  Throughout my transformational experience I have met like-minded people, said goodbye to others, and am at peace with where I am now on my journey. 

Experience & Training:


• Reiki – Level 3 Holy Fire Reiki Master

Movement Therapy (authentic movement)

  • Shamanic Healing and Journeywork

  • Coaching

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