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Spirituality. Creativity. Freedom.

Meet our creative partners that use art and creativity to help one connect to their higher self

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Anna Bemis has merged her gifts of creativity and intuition to help her clients transition and grow.  

Before she paints, she tunes into your energy and through spirit guided messages, she paints areas that may need clarity of purpose, guidance to facilitate personal growth, assistance with moving forward or identifying blocks that may be holding you back.

She draws images she sees and senses with the intention of revealing the highest need of your soul in that moment.

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Anna Bemis

Intuitive Artist, 
Psychic Medium & Channel

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Our Creative Partners Art Gallery

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"Kathleen, I wish I was better at expressing my thoughts through words, the symbols and colors really resonate with me, all of them. 
So many thoughts rush through daily and I’ve been working hard to let go and work on my own energy to heal myself, in order to heal others, that makes me happy. 
Your painting has already started pouring out information and triggers my thoughts to where I need to focus, it’s so helpful. I can look at it and it helps me focus on myself, my healing path and also remembering how far I’ve come this time around."


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