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Reiki & Sound Healing

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Reiki & Sound Healing

How it works: 

Lauren utilizes reiki healing and sound meditation for both small group and private sessions. This powerful combination leaves participants feeling peaceful and relaxed. 

Participants remain fully clothed resting comfortably while Lauren uses reiki and intuitively selects sound tools to help reset, retune and realign the energy field. 

The collaboration of sound causes brain waves to down-shift into meditative states and activate the parasympathetic nervous system which helps us relax deeply.

- Reset, retune and realign energy in the body, mind and soul

- Promote peace and relaxation

- Downshift the brainwaves to more meditative states

- Balance energy fields in the body and mind

- Enhance spiritual connection

- Ease fatigue and exhaustion

This non-invasive energy healing practice helps the body to heal at a cellular level, reduce stress, relieve tension, lift our mood and ease anxiety. Reiki and sound healing is a powerful tool for mind and body wellness.

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