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Physical, Energy, Healing.

Meet our energy healing partners that assist in shifting and clearing a person's energy and physical space as a way to help them heal


Kerri Miller

Hi, I’m Kerri and I'm the Founder of Kerri Miller Feng Shui (formerly Feng Shui Pathways), and Author of the book “FEELS BETTER.  FLOWS BETTER.  Feng Shui for Inspired Living”. 


My passion is showing heart-centered Entrepreneurs how their surroundings impact their energy, mood, confidence and even how much money they make, and helping them to set up their homes and workspaces so they are supporting their success and prosperity. 

Kerri believes that when you’re in an environment that feels good, you’re better able to thrive. That means you’re able to show up more fully in all the parts of your life: at home, at work, in your relationships. And when you show up more fully, you get more back!

Kerri offers Feng Shui guidance both onsite and virtually and works with her clients over time to help them implement the changes, so they can be confident that they’re making the best changes and have an accountability partner and coach through the process.

Reach out to me directly if I can support you with your Feng Shui and Energy Clearing Needs.

Kerri Miller

Feng Shui Consultant

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Liz Leonard

Liz grew up in the performing arts, aspiring in college to become a filmmaker, but transitioned into nutrition and the healing arts when a chronic illness became too debilitating to ignore any longer. After college, while working full-time in a natural food store, Liz dramatically improved her health by switching over to a holistic lifestyle, inspiring her to return to school for health coaching, followed by Reiki. For nearly 10 years, Liz has supported people in reaching their unique wellness goals by utilizing a step-by-step holistic approach. She specializes in gut-related health issues, hence her handle @the.gut.witch, as well as stress-management, and draws on her continued experience and learning to navigate these arenas. Liz also facilitates healing circles, using plant medicines like ceremonial cacao, and applies her ongoing shamanic training to better support people on their healing journeys.

Liz Leonard

Wellness Practitioner &

Circle Facilitator

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