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Meet our coaches & mindset partners that work with the conscious & subconscious mind to help rewire old patterning & limiting beliefs 

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Gina Marie Newton

Gina Newton is an intuitive, trauma-informed, holistic lifestyle coach who works with women to heal their inner wounds by improving their food and lifestyle habits.


Her business, Holistic Healing with Gina Marie, is to intuitively guide women to return to their body and soul through supporting changes to their lifestyle habits. Gina is an example of how strong the mind-body connection is and through deep spiritual work, has been on a healing journey and has made significant progress in healing her mind and body.


She is a certified 200 hour yoga instructor and Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Healer (in training). She coaches both 1:1 and in a group setting. When she isn’t supporting women on their healing journey, she is a loving wife to her true soul-mate Jay and Mom to Emma, age 6.5 and Isla, 5. Her family has a passion for music and it is the key healing and stress management tool in their home

Gina Newton

Holistic Lifestyle Coach 

Energy Healer

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Katie Martin

Katie Martin is the founder of the Wellness Consortium, a peer led platform that offers programming and events to support mental health and well-being. 

Katie’s mission is to create community as an antidote to isolation and normalize conversations and education related to mental health. The aim is to keep programming relaxed, easy, and unpretentious. Katie’s goal is to have attendees walk away with practical, accessible tools that help create positive shifts in their everyday lives. 

In an effort to make mental health and wellness resources more accessible, The Wellness Consortium offers a discount to at least one ticket from every event.

Katie chose the word to consortium because her vision has always been to collaborate with others and work within a collective.

Katie Martin

Mental Health Peer Advocate

& Community Builder

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