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 "It's time we all became completely
self-focused, so we can maximize our soul's potential for growth & bring our best selves forward to create a better tomorrow!

Lauren Aloisio 
Transpersonal Herbalist, Channel & Mentor

Unraveling Core Wounds & Maximizing Potential for Soul Growth & Evolution

I'm on a mission to show all the big-hearted, people-pleasing hard workers out there how plant spirit medicine and shadow work can help them break free from the trauma, pain, and uncertainty of their past that keeps them locked into the soul-crushing cycle of striving to be understood, struggling to prove their worth, and showing the world they're deserving of being loved only to be disappointed time and time again.

I'm here to show people there is a more enjoyable, fulfilling way of living life that has nothing to do with the toxicity of the "grin and bear it", "pull yourself up by the bootstraps", "hard work pays off" conditioning we've all been brought up to accept as truth.

I'm all about going deep, getting right to the source of the issue, and working to understand and unravel the thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs that limit and confine us all and often show up as physical pain & disease, mental health issues, and emotional disorders.


It's time we all became completely self-focused, so we can maximize our soul's potential for growth & bring our best selves forward to create a better tomorrow!


I have such a passion for working with, teaching, guiding, and inspiring others to deepen their connection and understanding of themselves, and my favorite way to do this is through plant medicine & nature immersion.


I am most happy when I'm either passing the wisdom of the plants on to others, facilitating a connection for them to learn from the plants first hand, or tuning into and shifting the various energies of people and things as I feel intuitively guided. Whether that is in the garden, the woods, on the side of the road, in the classroom, or any crack or crevice in between does not matter to me. This work sets my soul on fire and helps me bring the fullness of who I am to the world.


My friends lovingly call me the Plant Whisperer because I can easily connect to & communicate with the plants, gaining wisdom from them and an understanding of their role in our world. My intuition guides me to whichever plants have just the right medicine and perfect wisdom to impart to myself, my clients, or the collective of humanity as a whole.

I believe humans are an extension of nature. We are a part of Earth, and she is a part of us, always meant to coexist symbiotically, each supporting and caring for the other. But, over the course of the last couple of centuries, we have become distanced from the wisdom and healing of nature that we were once as familiar with as our heartbeat, and in the process, we've become distanced from ourselves. Now, we are experiencing the effects of this disconnect in ever-increasing ways.


My role as a transpersonal herbalist, channel, spiritual teacher, and mentor is one of facilitation, guidance, and support that allows each person to feel comfortable and free to explore themselves through nature without judgment. My knowledge of plant medicine and my connection to the natural world, as well as my training as an energy healer, my connection to Universal energies, and the knowledge I have gained along my healing journey, allow me to meet each person exactly where they’re at, guiding and supporting them as they grow and evolve.


Nature has so much to offer and teach us about ourselves, and as a channeler of nature I am here to share that wisdom with others, so they may strengthen their connection to themselves, the natural world, others, and the Source of energy that resides within all things. I combine my role of channeler with my energy healing abilities to work with plants and other natural elements energetically as I find this allows for a much more holistic and synergistic approach to healing.

In addition to channeling the wisdom of nature, I also channel the thoughts, feelings, fears, beliefs, and parts of people, so that they may gain a greater understanding and acceptance of Self. Shadow work and parts work play a huge role in my energy healing style, and all of my sessions include these techniques because I find them hugely beneficial for getting right to the core of every issue.

In strengthening the connection with Self and Nature through my teachings and sessions with me, students and clients have reported feeling less crippling anxiety, overwhelm, stress, and fear, which allowed for a greater sense of groundedness, ease, and confidence in their ability to navigate their day to day lives; feeling less emotional pain and mental anguish, fostering greater trust in themselves and their decision making; as well as having stronger boundaries and sense of self that helped them feel more empowered. Others have reported a significant decrease and even complete cessation of physical pain and dis-eases such as headaches, shoulder/joint pain, back problems, as well as issues with the nervous system, heart, respiratory system, digestive system, eliminatory system, and troubles with sleep.

Experience & Training:


  • Associates of Science Early Childhood Education 2004-2006

  • Reiki Master Teacher 2011-2012

  • Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism 2014-2016

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