Kylee Foote, Herbalist & Intuitive Healer

"Nature and people are my passions. The healing knowledge I've gained about both weaves together seamlessly with my unique style of energy healing and parts work. Combined, they allow me to meet every individual exactly where they're at, to support them as they grow and evolve."

Kylee Foote, Herbalist & Intuitive Healer

Healing with nature, energy work, and intuition

Kylee Foote is an herbalist and intuitive healer who combines her knowledge of plant medicine and human nature with her unique ability to see, shift, and influence energy to access the limiting thoughts, feelings, fears, and beliefs that underlie every person’s current emotional, mental, physical, and energetic or spiritual states.


She brings awareness and understanding to what is, guides the person through the shadow work process, while simultaneously assisting in shifting the energy in whatever way is needed.  This brings each individual back into greater alignment with their soul self or their inner knowing.


She truly enjoys connecting to and working with the plants and other natural elements such as crystals, light, and water, on an energetic level, as well as a physical level to provide the best support and comfort for each individual client’s energy shift.


Kylee studied herbal medicine at the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in Brookline, MA and has been a clinical herbalist since 2014. She also is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and has been practicing Reiki and other forms of energy healing since 2012.

My healing journey began with the words, 
“The only thing you can do is wait for it to get to the point where it’s bad enough for surgery.”

I had been experiencing steadily worsening back and neck pain since I was a preteen and had finally convinced my dad to get me an appointment with his surgeon. I remember initially sitting down in his office to go over the results of my MRI feeling so hopeful for a resolution to my constant pain, even if that meant surgery.

He diagnosed me with degenerative disc disease and degenerative arthritis, the same diagnosis as my dad. When I asked him what we could do, his “let it get worse” response lit a fire within me.


I refused to believe this was it for me, and I was determined to find another way.


Over the next few years medical professionals continued to disappoint me time and again. They always had so few answers, if any, and never any solutions. Daily headaches and significant digestive issues on top of the constant back and neck pain, and no one could offer me anything beyond another pill to manage symptoms.


I felt disillusioned and angry. I didn't want to just manage my symptoms. I wanted to be free from them.


I first heard about Reiki from my mother-in-law’s co-worker who had recently become Reiki II certified. First off, I was floored learning that hands-on healing was actually a thing. For years I had joked that I had healing hands, so to know that it wasn't all in my head, I can’t even explain how huge that was.


To think that this could be the answers to my prayers brought a hope like I had never known.


After several scheduling conflicts prevented me from getting a session with this new contact, I decided to train as a Reiki practitioner myself, to heal not only my own body, but others as well.


That's when the world opened up for me, and I began to understand who I truly am. I credit my Reiki master with so much in those early days. She not only taught me Reiki and helped me open back up to my intuition, but she also introduced me to plant medicine, after showing me the healing potential of calendula oil. I was fascinated. I committed to this new path by enrolling in herbalism school and from there, my healing journey began to truly take shape.


My Reiki master taught me to always add the word 'yet' at the end of any sentence that begins with "I have never…", "I am not…", or “I can’t…” Over the years that advice has served me in unimaginable ways. I try very hard not to limit or label my offerings, in order to meet others with the space and energy they need in that moment. In doing that, I have not only learned and grown as a person, and a healer, but I have come to understand my particular niche in the healing community.

I've always been a person who wanted to get to the bottom of things, to know the root and understand how everything seen and felt are connected. With every person I work with, including myself, this is my intention: I'm not here to just alleviate symptoms. I'm here to help us understand what caused them, so that we can be free from them. I do that with the guidance and support of the Universe and the earth.


For me, the knowledge that I have of plants and people weaves together seamlessly with my curated style of energy healing and parts work.


When I tune into a person, their energy tells me a story through feelings, pictures, plants, crystals, and phrases, leaving me with a clear understanding of how best to support that person on all fronts.

Experience & Training:

Kylee studied herbal medicine at the Commonwealth Center for Holistic Herbalism in Brookline, MA, and has been a clinical herbalist since 2014.

She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and has been practicing this and other forms of energy healing since 2012.