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Wild Nature

Energy, Passion, Healing.

Meet our emotional & energy healing partners that assist in shifting and clearing a person's energy and physical space as a way to help them heal

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Laura Zak Hackel

Laura is a Shaman, Artist, Certified Healer, Vibrational Sound Healer, mom of three, and Mindful Mom Empowerment Coach (including moms of LGBTQ+ Teens)


Her zone of genius is creating a safe environment for individuals and groups to share whatever is up for them so healing and shifting can take place. Laura is a stand for everyone in the world to feel loved and accepted for exactly who they are!


When something in your life blocks, upsets or triggers you, or you want something you don’t yet have, Laura is there to guide you to heal and step into your own infinite potential. 


You already have everything you need inside of you to live your juicy life. 

Laura Zak Hackel

Shaman, Artist & Vibrational

Sound Healer

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Lauren Aloisio

Lauren Aloisio is a registered nurse, sound practitioner, reiki master teacher and intuitive guide.

Lauren created New Moon Wellness in 2019 to help people relax, reduce stress, find clarity and balance their mind, body and soul. 

Lauren has been a registered nurse in downtown Boston since 2010 and an energy practitioner since 2014. 

In 2015, Lauren was diagnosed with stage III cancer and throughout her journey, she found incredible solace in calming her body and mind through the use of reiki and sound meditation.


Lauren’s mission is to continue learning, educating and sharing the magic of energy healing and all the benefits it has to offer.

Lauren Aloisio

RN, Sound Healer, Reiki Master & Intuitive Guide

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Alycia Steele

Alycia is a Licensed Massage Therapist and also practices various energy healing techniques.

She teaches and hosts classes using Shamanic Energy techniques and Light Language as she guides participants in connecting to their own innate rhythm.

Through a combination of guided meditation and visualization, she helps her clients connect to their own inner knowing.

These practices can bring healing, encourage authentic expression in all areas of life, and help her clients connect with the deepest parts of who they are.

Alycia Steele

Intuitive Channel &

Energy Healer

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Marisa A.

“I found Kerri to be professional, knowledgeable and responsive and I thoroughly enjoyed my consultation.  She reviewed the floorplan, walked the space with me and listened to my ideas, concerns and goals.  She validated many of my ideas and gave me suggestions for corrections and enhancements where needed. Having Kerri’s input and experience has put me at ease and was well worth the time.  I would definitely recommend her!” Lynne R.      Kerri gave me a roadmap of what to add, remove, and reorganize in my space in order to create a better flow and get rid of stuck energy. The changes I incorporated in the beginning were so subtle, they were unnoticeable to the naked eye, but I felt lighter and more energized in the space every day. ”
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