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The Integrated Way Holistic Coaching

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The Integrated Way Holistic Coaching & Healing is a unique combination of life coaching, spiritual guidance, psychosomatic and energy healing and creativity boosting tools. It works in four dimensions: body, mind, soul and spirit.

Western and Eastern practices along with mandala art for integration are intuitively applied during the work with a client to achieve the desired outcome.

The Initial Consultation is focused on your primary intention, gathering the needed information and choosing the best modality for your healing and growth.


Follow up sessions are assisting your change and accommodate your personal requests and needs and are based on intentions set up at the initial consultation. 
Sessions include

~ Psychosomatic Healing
~ Breathwork
~ QiGong exercises/massage
~ Healing with Mandalas
~ Angel Guidance with Oracle cards 



~ What is Psychosomatic Healing?

Psychosomatic Healing Description:
Our life is based on previously adopted emotions, behavioral strategies and beliefs. Our body carries the memories of these strategies and responds to stresses with a particular reaction like a skin rash, digestive issues or high blood pressure, etc. Usually these habitual responses are passed from generation to generation and not only through genes, but by observation.
Psychosomatic Healing and Integration is based on German New Medicine and the work of Dr. Hammer who linked the body’s (soma) symptoms with unresolved conflicts or past traumas stored in our subconscious (psyche) by using brain scans. Based on your symptoms we will uncover your hidden conflicts and release the emotional charge around them. Your brain will stop signaling "danger" around similar situations in your life 


The Integrated Way Coaching and Healing Package.
The Basic Intensive Coaching Program includes 6 sessions that cover 6 important topics that help you to know more about your own self and create a solid foundation for the changes you seek.


#1. Discover Your Hidden Life Motto and get a valuable upgrade
#2. Work with Your Inner Critic(s) and turn them into Your Allies
#3. Find Your 10 Core Values and never get lost in chaos while making a decision
#4. Set Goals aligned with Your Soul and Life Purpose
#5. Learn Tools for Self-Realignment and master The Power of Choice
#6. Tap into Your Authentic Feelings and set yourself free and on a path of living with integrity


The basic program is designed to acknowledge all patterns and sub-selves within you and to heal, move, transform and release anything that prevents your soul from Coming Back Home and Living Your True Authentic Self, bright, joyful, Divine and whole

What to expect:

In our sessions, you will be supported in coming back to your inner voice so that you may trust your own guidance and feel more embodied, whole, and joyful. 

The tools and methods you will learn will awaken and stimulate your body and brain; create a flow of creativity that helps you get unstuck; ease chronic pain; help you feel more alive and energetic; provide a sense of direction and more harmony in your life.

Each session will be followed with an assignment and support will be generously provided via emails for your transformation and success.


Packages and remote sessions available:

More information on my website:

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