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 "My biggest dream is to liberate people from suffering.  The beliefs that make them feel hopeless, trapped and scared."

Angela Sokolova 

Psychosomatic Healer, The Integrated Way Coach and Angel Guide

Guiding My Clients Back Home

My passion is to ease the pain of those who go through tough times and bring them back home to themselves. I want to see my clients liberated from the beliefs that make them feel hopeless, trapped and scared. I guide people to their confidence, vitality, clarity, joy and ability to be creative!

Why Creativity Is Important?

I was born in the Ukraine and moved to the US in the 90s. My journey home, not back to my motherland, but to my real and joyful self, started in 2001. It has been a long journey and I have learned a lot from my failures and chronic pain. I feel that I have finally arrived and I am excited to share with you my findings on how to transform challenges into blessings. 

After decades of working as an energy healer and holistic coach, I encountered one major block on my personal journey and now I recognize it in many other people that also keeps them stuck - it is "the creativity block". 

I’ve recognized that many people cannot get out of their habitual destructive patterns and keep repeating the same issues.   It is often because they don’t know what they truly want and/or they resist change out of fear of the unknown.  Often times people courageously release their fear and other stuck emotions, but then they get lost in a vast space of… nowhere and nothingness. 

Letting go of the old self and now facing the truth that nothing and no one is defining you anymore, can often make feel happier and freer, but also unstable and unsure. To find your new ground and be the confident creator of your life, you have to build some creative muscles.

Integrating Holistic Coaching & Creativity

After years of using my coaching approach called "The Integrated Way", which equips my clients with tools for self-healing and self-attunement, I had to find a way to also boost their creative side and inspire them to play with their imagination. Otherwise, what is the point of all the hard work for soul liberation, if we do not know how to create a new life script and enjoy it fully?

Hitting my own rock bottom in 2019 stimulated me to dissolve my own creative dam and come out of my life-long history of chronic pain and constant struggle. I came up with a new approach and creativity coaching program that uses mandala art as a self-exploration and self-navigation tool. 

I am beyond happy to see the miracles my clients manifest in life after taking my programs!

Who Are My Clients?

My clients are usually gifted women on the verge of change.  They are at a point in their lives when everything seems to be going wrong and feels stuck. Chronic pain is usually one of the symptoms of stuckness. I help my clients deal with their fears and pain of shedding their old skin and then how to find a new anchor in order to grow and blossom. We tap into our creativity, connect to our in-tuitive Higher Selves and enjoy the ride. 

Experience & Training:


  • MD in Applied Mathematics and Computer Engineering

  • Certified Brain Educator & Power BrainYoga Instructor

  • Certified Holistic Health Counselor and Practitioner in Humanistic Psychology

  • Certified Therapeutic Qi Gong Instructor; member of Tai Chi and Qi Gong Healing Institute

  • Certified Breathwork Practitioner

  • Certified PSY2.0 Practitioner; Psychosomatic Integration Therapy; Anton Antonov School​

  • Creator of The Healing Art of Mandalas

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