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 "I am from Peru and I am from a lineage of herbalists.  My grandmother passed down her wisdom about herbs, plant medicine, tarot, energy cleanses, and healing."

Alida Moncada
Biomagnetism, Family Constellations & Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

I believe everyone can be empowered to guide their self-healing process, facilitating the discovery of their inner potential. 

Hi my name is Alida. Let me introduce myself.

I was born in Peru. I come from a lineage of herbalists. I lived with my grandmother for over a decade and she passed down to me her wisdom about herbs, plant medicine, tarot, energy cleanses, and healing.

I went to law school for six years and then got a Masters degree in Public Policies. At that point I got lost in the "busy life of a lawyer" and I became disconnected with my inner self.

In 2007 I met my husband. He had been working with a healer (curandero) in the Amazon Rainforest in Peru since 2001.  We started a plant medicine business and I feel that was the Universe saying "This is what you should do." 

When I got pregnant in 2013, I wanted to be more connected with my roots. I quit my job as a lawyer for the mining department of Peru and

I became certified in herbalism, Biomagnetism, Family Constellations, Touch for Health (3) & QHHT.


I integrate these practices to guide clients in their personal transformation processes. In a Biomagnetic session, I use muscle testing to reveal deeper information pertaining to the root causes of health issues. I utilize magnets to balance the Ph, clearing the body of pathogens, viruses and bacteria, also to balance emotions.
In energy kinesiology, I examine the energy pathways of a client, remove obstacles and improve organ function.


With these techniques, I can assist in finding the root causes of a client's physical, emotional or spiritual health conditions.


I also make natural products to support overall wellness with oils and saps from the Amazon Rainforest of Peru.

Experience & Training:

• Family Constellations

• Touch for Health (3) Practitioner

  • Masters in Public Policy & Law Degree

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